Name: Lasse Heikkinen


CompanyName: University of Kuopio

Country: Finland

Abstract: A modular adaptive EIT measurement system

In this presentation we introduced an EIT measurement system developed at the
university of Kuopio, department of applied physics. Our system consists of two main parts, a 16 channel main EIT unit and a multiplexer unit. In the first part of the main EIT unit an arbitrary current waveform is generated by using 16 voltage waveform generators and 16 voltage-to-current converters. This allows us to use an adaptive current pattern in our system.
In the second part of the main EIT unit the voltages on the electrodes are measured by using 16 voltage measurement units.
Thus, the voltage measurements are made parallel. In the multiplexer unit, the 16 different currents generated by the main EIT unit can be multiplexed to 6 different electrode planes. Hence, the total number of current injection electrodes is 96.
Moreover, the voltage measurements are multiplexed in the same way as the number
of the voltage measurement electrode being also 96. The whole system is controlled by using graphical user interface.

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