Name: Dr Chris McLeod


CompanyName: Oxford Brookes University

Country: UK

Abstract: OXBACT5, next generation multiple-source Tomograph.
Chris McLeod, Andrea Borsic and XiCai Yue.
Oxford Brookes University, OX3 0BP, UK

The various experiences with our first "clinical" system, OXBACT3, have contributed to the design of the next generation system. We have introduced a number of new features which will be described in this and two succeeding papers.

 will be a multiple-source system enabling trigonometric, optimal or any other current patterns to be set
 will be modular in construction with a module comprising 16 sources, 64 voltage measurements and the associated demodulation and calibration
 the host will communicate with the modules using wireless LAN
 may be configured in 2D or 3D
 will be small

The modular design allows for systems of increasing complexity without compromising the acquisition rate. Data storage in each module allows full-speed burst-mode acquisitions as the reconstruction will lag acquisition anyway.

We don't know all the answers and look forward to valuable discussion on electrodes and multiple excitation frequencies in particular. We would also expect some discussion on the use of RF in hospitals.

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