Name: Manuchehr Soleimani

CompanyName: UMIST

Country: UK

Abstract: Title : More improvement of adaptive EIT based on trans conductunce measurement data and optimisation and inverse FEM technique
AUTHOR: Manuchehr Soelimani

The main aim of this work is to introducing an optimisation algorithm based on trans conductunce measurement data from
a known conductivity distribution.This algorithm has been developed either by Genetic Algorithm or by well known regularised N-R method.The optimisation goal is to minimise the difference between measured and evaluated voltages and with the constrains.The ability of the algorithm to deal with the issues like shape reconstruction , electrodes position reconstruction ,interface reconstruction ,measurement system assessment is very encouraging.For the improvement of the image quality and avoiding the partial volume effect the method is used to image enhancement when an element in reality consist of two difference conductive material.The algorithm has been checked by the probelm of previousely introduced adaptive current calculation.The results from a noisy simulation data and from a real EIT system data will be showed.

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