Name: Olga Trokhanova


CompanyName: Yaroslavl Medical Academy

Country: Russia

Abstract: Electroimpedance measurements for the women with mastopathy.
O.Trokhanova*, A. Karpov**, M.Okhapkin*,
V. Cherepenin***, A. Korjenevsky***
*Yaroslavl State Medical Academy, Russia
**Clinical Hospital # 9, Yaroslavl, Russia
**Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Mastopathy - disease of mammary glands manifested by violation of a hormonal correlation of an epithelial and connective tissue on background extended ducts and cysts. The purpose of our research – evaluation of the possibilities of an electroimpedance mammography in diagnostics of the mastopathy. The research was conducted with the help of a 256-electrode mammograph «Breast Cancer Detection Device», (BCDD) designed by Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences. We examined 101 healthy women in the age of 19 till 76 years and 94 women in the age of 21 till 64 years with the approved diagnosis of mastopathy. Electroimpedance image of mamma with mastopathy is characterized by smoothly varying distribution of gray hues, absence of a focal symptomatic and absence hyperimpedance regions, which can be visualized on the EIT image of mamma in the norm. The average conductivity of mamma for patient with mastopathy is lower, than for the h!
ealthy women and has age features. At the estimation of graphical distribution of conductivity the tendency of a unimodal distribution with shift to the right is scored. Our data allow to apply bioimpedance mammography in screening estimation and as a method to control the treatment of mastopathy of the women of different age groups.

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