Name: Ohin Kwon


CompanyName: Konkuk University

Country: Korea

Abstract: Detection of Anomalies with Different Resistivity Values using Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT)

Ohin Kwon1, Jeong-Rock Yoon2, Jin Keun Seo3, and Eung Je Woo4

1Department of Mathematics, Konkuk University, Korea
2School of Mathematics, Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Korea
3Department of Mathematics, Yonsei University, Korea
4College of Electronics and Information, Kyung Hee University, Korea

We developed a new anomaly detection algorithm based on electrical impedance tomography (EIT) technique. When
only the boundary current and voltage measurements are available, it is not practically feasible to reconstruct
accurate high-resolution cross-sectional resistivity images of a subject. In this paper, we focus our attention
on the detection of the location and size of anomalies with different resistivity values compared with the background
tissues. We show the performance of the algorithm from experimental results using a 32-channel EIT system and saline
phantoms. We found that the minimal size (area) of the detectable anomaly is only dependent on the SNR of the EIT system.
This algorithm will be applicable to the detection of anomalies with different resistivity values compared to those of
the background tissues. Potential applications include the detection of cancerous tissues in the breast.

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