Name: Kim Knudsen


CompanyName: Aalborg University

Country: Denmark

Abstract Title: Reconstruction of less regular conductivities in the plane

In a joint work with Alexandru Tamasan, University of Washington, we
consider the EIT problem of reconstructing an isotropic conductivity
distribution in an object from static electrical measurements on the
boundary of the object. We give an exact algorithm for computing a
conductivity in a plane domain from the associated
Dirichlet-to-Neumann map. The conductivity is assumed a priori to have
essentially one derivative.

The method relies on a reduction of the conductivity equation to a
first order system for which the Dbar-method of
inverse scattering is applicable. The algorithm consists of two steps:
first the boundary data is transformed into scattering data and second
a certain inverse scattering transform is used to obtain the
conductivity. The method is exact in the sense that it attacks
directly the non-linear inverse problem and does not rely on
linearization, optimization or iterative schemes.

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