Name: Matti Lassas



Country: Finland

Abstract Title: Inverse conductivity problem with non-smooth conductivity

In this talk we consider inverse problems for conductivity and Schroedinger operators in the case where conductivity or potential has co-normal singularities in dimensions n=3,4,... For instance, in the case where singularity is on hypersurface H, we allow conductivity to have singularities of type dist(x,H)^{-1+a} where a>2. The reconstruction is based on construction of exponentially growing solutions.

Besides the uniqueness of the inverse problem, we consider reconstruction procedures. We present a variant for the method how the boundary values of the exponentially growing solutions can be constructed from boundary data.

Finally, we give certain counter examples to uniqueness of inverse problem.

The presented work has been in collaboration with Allan Greenleaf (Univ. of Rochester) and Gunther Uhlmann (Univ. of Washington).

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