NAME Gary Saulnier
COMPANY / INSTITUTION Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
ABSTRACT Title: EIT Instrument Design - Problems and Solutions

The performance of an EIT system is ultimately limited by the speed and precision of the instrumentation. This presentation will briefly overview the evolution of EIT hardware and will discuss some of the major issues faced in the design and implementation of EIT instruments. Since most instruments apply one or more currents and measure the resulting voltages, the design of precision current sources and voltmeters will be discussed in detail. Particular attention will be given to the problems presented by stray and parasitic capacitance on current source performance and how to minimize these effects. Both analog and digital voltmetering techniques will be presented along with their benefits and limitations. The trade-offs between speed, accuracy and cost will be discussed. A major focus is on the approach taken by Rensselaer's Adaptive Current Tomograph (ACT) systems which utilize individual current sources and voltmeters for each electrode.

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